Your Church Rights

Your Church Rights
The church has more responsibilities, but we still have our legal rights. The two Manuals below will help you in understanding both our responsibilities, and our rights.

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You have a corporation – but do you know “How To” do the church business? Contains more than 100 sample Minutes and Church Policies, enabling you to easily develop your church policies, and legally “catch-up” your incomplete Corporate Minute Book.

Written to give a complete and comprehensive overview of Church Administration, and is helpful to every church regardless of size. Endorsed by 3 CPA’s, an EA, two attorney’s, and fifteen well-known Christian pastors and leaders, It was updated for the 11th time in January of 2011, and is completely up to date!

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There is a fear of the IRS, and in may cases, rightfully so.  But the IRS cannot just arbitrarily “Come in” and investigate a church, unless they have a very good reason to do so.  EG – if the church withholds payroll taxes and then does not report and send those monies in  – this WILL get the IRS in bed with the church, and they [the IRS] will then have their reason to look at everything else

The church can do and say a great deal during an election, about the issues, but not  about the candidates.  We explain in this article what you can and should do, and cannot say and or do.