Following are comments and recommendations by some of those whom we have helped in the past.  Read what they have to say about our written materials, this ministry, and how we were able to assist them.


A Professional’s comments about this ministry and our “SAMPLES” Manual.
“Church Administrators: here at your fingertips is a wealth of information gathered by Don and Barbara Buckel in the trenches of many church offices.  The answers and the forms are here.  Don is the most knowledgeable individual I know, when it comes to non-profit requirements for bylaws and their application to local churches.  When he comes upon a problem, whether it is with business minutes, or policies, he does the research, then document the question, the solution, and provides samples of needed forms.  The items that you find inside this manual have been “run past” several other individuals to check for accuracy and proper wording.  This book will save you and the kingdom much valuable time.  I heartily recommend it to you.”

Rev. Ward Correll
Enrolled Agent
Maywood Park, OR

In regards to the ministry of Administrative Assistance

Administrative Assistance and Don Buckel have been very helpful to me, instrumental in fact, in the launching of White Stone Faith Church. Don did not just simply “sell me a church starting package”. He made sure I understood what I had. He went through the information with me over the phone. He answered the questions I had and offered valuable advice. If you are starting a church I highly recommend this ministry.

Pastor Kenny Winsman
White Stone Faith Church
281-681-9820 office

In regards to “The Church Administration ‘How To’ Manual
Thank You for this great, no nonsense, practicle and biblical approach for dealing with the IRS and the day-to-day “real” world issues we all face within the Kingdom of our GOD!  We cannot wait to get our hands on your materials and will be implementing this throughout our ministry in full force.

Mike D.
North Little Rock, AR 72118

“I have known Don Buckel since 1979, and the ministry of Administrative Assistance since 1988. As a pastor and fellow believer there has been much change in this  world. The Body of Christ and those who stand in faith as wholehearted  believers are in a period of history when there are continual hidden as well  as blatant attacks to find weaknesses to our witness and kingdom focus.  Administrative Assistance and the ministry of Don Buckel has been a continual rear guard for our congregation and for me personally as a pastor.

Many times as my focus has been on the ministry in front of me, I am not  aware of the changes in Government Regulations and subtle attacks in modern  society.  Don has continually been a watchman and gate keeper by my side and by the side of many other pastors and friends in the ministry.  His gifting is not just limited to administration and finance though.  He has also been a  great support in the faith and encourager of the Spirit.  Don is a man that knows the Word of God and builds and encourages with the humility of a man in right relationship with Jesus Christ and His Bride.”

Rev. David Higgins,   Sr. Pastor of
Christian Community Church Mission Bay  [a C-3 Church]
3792 Old Cobble Rd. San Diego, CA. 92111

I enjoyed talking with you, and I was pleasantly surprised to talk to a real person. Mostly, I was happy to talk to a godly person. I truly felt the Holy Spirit confirming that you are about God’s work. For me, as a new pastor trying to set up a church based on Biblical principles, I need guidance. As I said, I had looked all over, for information about church by-laws. I wanted something that would be true to the mission that God has given our church. I didn’t know where to get it. Thank God for you! I was beginning to fear that there was no way for me to have by-laws that were Biblical, godly and not just a bunch of legal terms nobody’s going to read anyway. I know that God deserves the best and I want to set up our church the best I can. Reading your on-line articles, and talking with you personally, convinced me that ordering the manuals from you is what God is leading me to do. Thank you for blessing us with your knowledge. Thank you for being a beacon of light in the fog of dealing with the secular world. Thank you for letting God use you to help keep church administration on the right path. God continue to bless you. Beatrice

Pastor Beatrice Bastiany-Jones
Baltimore, MD

Don, thank you so much for the information.  I can’t tell you enough how valuable all the information is that I’ve received from you and  Administrative Assistance.  I am VERY IMPRESSED AND VERY GRATEFUL for all the hard work you have put into everything.  The policies, minutes, and bylaws that I purchased are probably the wisest decision I’ve ever made regarding our new church plant.  I feel very confident now in moving forward that we are being good stewards of God’s church and the souls He will send us.  Again, thank you so much – what a wonderful ministry you are providing.

Pastor Wanda Pillars

“I have known Don and Barbara Buckel since 1979, and they have proven to be trustworthy, reliable and consistent servants of the Lord. I recommend them highly and believe they have a valuable contribution to make to the local Church.”

Rev. Allen Higgins,   Former Sr. Pastor of The Life Church
2633 Denver St. San Diego, CA. 92110

“I have known Don Buckel since 1978.  Don has organized and overseen every major financial project, as well as the operation and maintenance of the entire Church facility and all other Church business matters. Don is uniquely qualified to assist Churches in finances and administration.”

Dr. Graham B. Truscott,  Founding Pastor of Mission Bay Christian Fellowship
2633 Denver St. San Diego, CA. 92110

“The world systems, including our own government, seem to be growing more and more anti-Christian.  We are constantly hearing of lawsuits against pastors and churches.  Now more than ever a pastor must also be a competent chief executive officer.  Of course, the pastor must be righteous, but he must also be legally correct.  “The Church Administration ‘How To’ Manual” is an excellent tool to help prepare you to meet the world scrutiny with confidence.”

Dr. Bill Hamon
Christian International & Network of Prophetic Ministries
Santa Rosa, Florida

“Common sense, Biblical wisdom, Holy Spirit sensitivity and faith in God characterize the heart and ministry of Don  Buckel.  His assistance was a gift from the Lord. The process of rewriting our Constitution and By-Laws was a difficult assignment made successful because Don came alongside us. I recommend him highly.”

Rev. Micah Smith.
Formerly The Sr. Pastor of New Life Assembly of God.
Cheney, WA.

“Don’s insight, expertise and input, into our Church corporate structure and procedures has been an invaluable benefit to our fellowship. In light of the litigious society in which we live, Don’s  ministry could well keep you from costly and painful legal procedures, which could damage and/or ruin your Church.”

Columbia Basin Grace Ministries
313 Fig Street Moses Lake, WA. 98837

“I have repeatedly told them that I visit many churches that need to know what they know.  I heartily recommend them….and compliment their ministry with the highest level of praise.”

Dr. Judson Cornwall
Author and Teacher

NOTE:  Brother Judson Cornwall is now with the Lord, but we continue to cite his kind words.

“One of the most valuable and special ‘Ministries of helps’ available to the body of Christ today is that of Don and Barbara Buckel.  I believe God has raised them up to help meet a common and urgent need, by providing administrative assistance to the leadership of local churches.  We found them to be well qualified for the task, and sincerely devoted to principles of integrity.”

Rev. Earl Bradley
Founding Pastor of Christian Life Church
4205 Lacy Blvd., Lacy, WA.  98503

“Many Churches are lacking in record keeping, official minutes, By laws, accounting, etc. Don Buckel, a man sent from God to help us focus on things that most of us do not enjoy doing.”

Rev. Bill Scheidler
Formally with Ministers Fellowship International
Portland, OR.

“We literally have dozens of new ideas for procedures, from Don’s input.”

Dr. John Watson – Sr. Pastor
Mission Christian Center
1550 Richland Rd. Marion, OH 43303

“In five years as administrator of a fast-growing inner-city church, I have ordered just about every manual and textbook available.  They all deal with theory, but very few speak “layman” and offer unencumbered practical help, as your manual clearly does.  You have provided our church more useful information than all of these others put together.  Having administered this church through a growth in congregation from 60 to 600 people, two building relocations, and a myriad of previously unknown rules and regulations, I wish I had found this manual sooner.”

Daniel Brake, Former Administrator
Vineyard Christian Fellowship
San Francisco, California

“I want to personally thank you for ‘The Church Administration ‘How To’ Manual.’  I could not imagine not having this valued resource at my disposal. What a God send! A God send because it is a ready resource that answers the call of city, state, and federal laws, but it has as its foundation the Word of God.  I have used the manuals extensively; to draft our Church Charter, By-Laws, Policy Manual, Church records, and for aid in filing IRS documents.  The “How To” manual is  very informative and easy to use, not to mention the thousands of dollars we have saved.  Thank you for answering the call of God, arming the Church with such a relevant tool.”

Lewis Fisher, Jr., D.P. The Senior Pastor, Heirs of Grace Ministries
Suffolk, VA

“I have found the “The Church Administration ‘How To’ Manual” very understandable in its content, it is extremely well done.  Along with being spiritually uplifting and sound.  I have encouraged the Pastor’s throughout my jurisdiction to use this manual as a guide to effective church management.  Editorializing, this manual is ‘top shelf.’”

Bishop George D. Mc Kinney, Ph.D., Founding Pastor of St. Stephen’s Church of God in Christ,
San Diego, California

“The HOW TO MANUAL is a remarkably prepared guide to church management with unusual insight  regarding the needs of the church’s relation to governmental regulations. This manual gives timely information as a new congregation is being established.”

Rev. Orval C. Butcher,  Founding Pastor Emeritus of Skyline Wesleyan Church,
Lemon Grove, California

“I had the joy of sponsoring a seminar on church administration by Rev. Don Buckel.  The seminar was held in three locations across my district.  Don did an outstanding work for our district.  The seminar included pastors and leading lay persons.  He was able to speak to both groups concerning the need for good handling of church finances, and the proper administration for a local church.  I have read through the church administration “How To” manual produced by he and his wife Barbara, and find it to be one of the most complete manuals I have encountered for use within a local church.  I have ordered copies of the manual for each of my churches.

I highly recommend Don Buckel, as he has the local church at heart.  He communicates well, and is able to answer questions without any difficulty at all.  Overall, he did an outstanding job for us.  I highly recommend him and this ministry to any church, and to any ministerial gathering.”

Stephen F. Babby
District Superintendent Pacific Southwest District of the Wesleyan Church

“After a careful review, I can attest to the accuracy of the material in this manual and believe it will assist you in being a trustworthy steward of God’s resources. It provides the beginning ministry, as well as the established ministry, with a valuable reference which addresses church and ministerial topics in a general but comprehensive manner.”

Randle R. Ross
BBA-Management, MBA-Accounting, CPA
San Antonio, Texas

On-line feedback submissions

“I have mailed off a check for my order. I was very impressed by the quick response to me question. I am a home missionary with the Kansas State Association of Free Will Baptist and am starting a church in Arkansas City, Ks. on the Oklahoma/Kansas border. I have already filed my incorporation with the state of Kansas and am not sure if I will file tax exemption or not. Leaning towards not. I certainly like the idea of removing the vote on your pastor style of leadership. I have never found it to be a biblical model and I have a life time in church but only 11 years in pastoral/preaching ministry and I have never seen the vote on that style of church work all that well.

I was determined that since God placed me in a position of starting a new work it would not be that style of church but I was unsure what good alternatives there were out there. I was pleased to see bylaws that address the vote/dictator issue in a biblical manner. I would gladly allow my name to be used on your website because I have never had a response that fast and professional in any business or personal dealings. I sent you the question about how to order without a credit card and had an email and phone call response in around 5-10 minutes. Very impressive. Thanks again”

Rev. Derl A Hicks
Ark City Free Will Baptist Mission Church

“I am absolutely amazed at some of the material on your website. I  had worked for a Non Profit organization for over 10 years (in the  secular world) and have been in a leadership position at the church I attend for several years.  I am aware of how our ministry operates administratively, and just didn’t think in my heart that we were complying with government regulations, but I just didn’t have the  facts to match what I was feeling in my heart. This is much needed information for me. The Non Profit Organizations I worked for certainly abide by government regulations, but it is surprising to know that many churches do not know half of these regulations. I am going to invest in your material, simply because I know God is moving my husband in to the area of Ministry. And we certainly want to be legal. Thank you so much for taking out the time to research this information.”

Yolonda H.

I was introduced to your materials shortly after pioneering this church in 1989.  Like most pastors, the administrative part of church operation was not familiar to me.  In addition to the heavy responsibility of being SPIRITUAL (rightly handling the Word of God and clearly hearing the direction of the Holy Spirit) and RELATIONAL  (being sensitive to the needs of the flock and nurturing the members of the church), I now felt overwhelmed as I realized the necessity of also being LEGAL and ETHICAL.  I’m convinced that God led me to your “How To Manual”, and it became the second most important book in my library.  I later purchased your “SAMPLES ,” Manual as well.

When meeting with new pastors, I always encourage them to get your materials.   It gave me such peace of mind to know that God had sent someone to help navigate the legal, structural, and ethical waters of American church ministry.  I couldn’t afford it when I started, but I bought it anyway…….and I’m so glad I did!

Pastor James Moore
Kansas City, MO

“I am thankful to God that He led us to the Administrative Assistance website. A few months ago my husband was released by our pastor to begin a ministry in the Tempe, AZ area. We moved 2500 miles to Arizona to begin the church. Then we both realized, we were not administratively prepared to start a church. One day, I decided to try Google and searched, ‘How to start a church.’ I saw companies out there that said that they would do it for you. However, we felt uncomfortable with just letting someone do it for us and not understanding what they were doing. Additionally, I was uncomfortable with the possibility of these organizations doing it incorrectly. We had been praying and asking God for clarity in what we needed to do.

I searched Google again and was led to the Administrative Assistance website. After reading the information, I knew that this was what we needed. We immediately ordered the materials and began doing exactly what they said. I can now say that we have successful started a church and continue to use the Administrative Assistance materials for resources. It is such a wonderful thing to know that we are accomplishing the Lord’s work with excellence administratively.

I believe anyone who wants to start a church should take a look at the Administrative Assistance information before they begin their journey.”

Latisha Robinson

“The proliferation of legal actions over trivial matters, the desire of many to silence the Church, and government regulations imposed upon Christian organizations demand careful attention to the way we conduct ourselves in business matters and in how our organizations function.  The Christian church must ensure that it functions within proper guidelines and with proper Christian conduct without compromising the fundamental principles of the Christian faith.  Admin-Assist provides the support necessary to keep the Christian church current on matters affecting its function.

Admin-Assist provides an invaluable ministry to the body of Christ with the tools and support necessary to allow the church to take the proactive steps necessary to guard against malicious actions and ensure effective operations of the organization.  No Christian ministry should function without access to this invaluable service.”

Neville O’Meally, Pastor
Livingstone Christian Ministries

Pastor Frank Damazio, Sr. Pastor, City Church, Portland OR.

Rev. Rick Godwin, Sr. Pastor, Eagles Nest, San Antonio, TX.

Rev. Mike Bogart, former Sr. Pastor, Grace Baptist Ch., Lemore, CA.   mike@jaron.org

David H. Hanush, CPA, San Jose, CA.  DaveHanush@juno.com

Dr. Gerald D. Derstin, Founder Gospel Crusade Ministerial Fellowship

Rev. Stephen Babby, San Diego CA District Superintendent of the

Pacific Southwest District of the Wesleyan Church stevepsw@aol.com

Dan Hardway, Attorney at Law  Angier, NC      dan@hardwaylaw.com

Rev. Michael Meyer, Attorney at Law Beverly Hills CA   mike@jspg.net