Sexual Abuse Prevention "How To" DVD

Sexual Abuse Prevention "How To" DVD

Insurance Companies are now requiring Church clients to fill out an application form, affirming that they have developed and implemented a Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response Plan, IF they want insurance coverage for Sexual Misconduct.
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This is such a "Hot issue" today against the Church. I was talking with the Sr. Vice President of one of the largest Insurance Companies in America that specializes in Church Insurance, and he said, "Don, the big claims up until the late 1980's, were for burned buildings and broken limbs. Now it is for "Sexual abuse, or alleged sexual abuse."Our challenge is two fold. It is both natural (real), and spiritual.

As more and more ugly deeds from the past are revealed in the Media, there is also a lying spirit loosed upon our land. We must take immediate steps to protect our Church, our workers and our children. This video will help you convey to your Church leaders, Employees and volunteers the magnitude of the challenge. We cannot just ignore this - it won't go away!

THE POINT IS - How we implement the policies, are perhaps more important than the policy itself. Will we have a strongly committed team giving all their effort - or will we offend people and lose members because we have not communicated as well as we should have? This video was taped in a live seminar setting where all of the above issues were addressed, and much more. This Video be a very helpful training tool for you now, and for the next generation of Church workers as well. 

Lets do all we can to avoid the ugly black headlines that bring shame upon the Church, and instead, provide a place of safety for our children and our workers. Jesus will then be glorified in our actions.

Professionally produced - there are two sessions totaling 1 hr & 40 minutes.