Screening and Enrolling our Volunteers and Employees

Screening and Enrolling our Volunteers and Employees

Insurance companies are now requiring the church do background checks, and have developed written policies, otherwise they will not insure you for allegations of Sexual Misconduct. Contains sample church policies and forms to interview the applicant. It will enable you develop your Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response Plan.

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All Insurance companies now require the church to implement and use a "Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy," where all volunteers and employees are screened.

Having Church Membership and Membership Standards of excellence is the best means of screening, and able to do so successfully. It is also the best means of protecting our children from the predators, the molesters, and the pedophile that would attempt to come in and violate our children. "Lay hands suddenly on no man," 1 Tim 5:22 - This verse could (and should) also be interpreted as, "Allow no man or woman to come (suddenly) into our Church and lay hands on our children."

We have developed this complete "Package" to enable you to easily create your church policies. This Manual provides many Policies and Forms to help you screen your applicants. As laws change - activists will begin to harass the church. Are you prepared?
  • Policy: Dealing with Dissension - Non-Member. You really MUST have this policy in place, as we always have peripheral attenders - not yet members.
  • Policy: Must be a member to apply. With that policy in place, we are now not hiring for the right [legally defensible] reason.
  • Policy: Initial Conditions And Requirements For Employment Application.
  • Policy: Application for Membership. Softly written, but the applicant is stating he is agreeing to abide by the church's "Tenants of Faith" and By Laws. This is your best hope to survive a lawsuit.
  • Policy: Application for Employment. There are questions you can ask. And there are questions you cannot ask.
  • Policy: Sexual Abuse Prevention And Response Plan. The Insurance companies are now requiring that you have a Risk Reduction Plan. To screen, supervise, report - and even how to respond to allegations of sexual misconduct.
  • Forms: Survey For Applicants. A two-page questionnaire to help you get all the background facts.
  • Forms: The Personal Interview. The "Hard Questions" we MUST ask. And when we do this in an interview setting, we will be carefully listening for and discerning truth.
  • Forms: Confidential Character Reference For Volunteer Workers. A Form letter the applicant fills out for you to mail out to his refrences.
  • Forms: Short Form Application For Non-Supervisory Volunteer Workers.
  • Policy: Employment Records Checklist. A Checklist of issues you MUST have, and/or should consider having documentation on file for those persons the church either employs or has working in a supervisory position with the children or youth.
  • Policy/Form: Authorization For Medical Attention, Activities And Waiver/Liability. A 3 part Form - for three children. Designed to enhance relationships with parents by clearly communicating "when, where, how, and who is involved" when their children are participating in church activities. Parents agree to pay any medical expenses incurred, and expressly agree to not hold the church or leaders personally responsible for "punitive" damages in addition to any insurance the church may (may not) have in effect at the time.

To our knowledge there is absolutely nothing like this on the market today. This Manual and the Forms have been reviewed and approved by our Attorney. 

We have developed a Sexual Abuse Prevention DVD as a training tool, to introduce this difficult issue to your leaders, helping them understand the need to develop policies.