Sample Minutes and Church Policies

Sample Minutes and Church Policies

This powerful manual contains sample Minutes, and more than 100 sample Resolutions, Ratification’s, and Church Policies that will help you with writing your corporate Minutes and to develop your Policies. Newly revised and expanded in 2006.

    • Learn how to write proper legal Minutes
    • Identify the essential issues needed in the Minutes

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Additional Product Info

Resolutions - What are they? The means of recording an action taken by the Board of Directors, authorizing or approving all actions in advance of the act. i.e.: authority given to the pastor (and/or) to spend church money’s otherwise it always takes Board action.

Ratification - Because the Minute/Record Book is the official “Memory” of the corporate entity, it is imperative to have good records, without “gaps.” If, and when we discover that a business action has been taken (i.e.: a change of signatures on the Church checking account) without a resolution, we must get it into the Minutes. But how? A back dated resolution is illegal, as that would be falsification of records. The only legal way, is to write a Resolution "Ratifying" the past action(s). This is how thousands of secular Corporations do it every day in America, and this SAMPLES Manual will show you how to easily do it.

This is a great 'companion manual' to The Church Administration ‘How To’ Manual, for there is nothing repeated in the one manual, that is also in the other.

Sample Minutes and Resolutions that will help you with the business side of church life. Samples of:

  • An Organizational Meeting Minute; NOTE; Without this very important minute, your church may not even be legally established, for in the event of a lawsuit, this would be the first thing the judge would look for. It IS possible to Ratify a Resolution [regarding this meeting] using various church records.
  • How to establish pastors compensation & housing Allowance by Resolution;
  • A Resolution to Ordain a Minister, and establish his compensation package;
  • How to "Ratify" a Housing Allowance that was established only verbally;
  • How the church can "Gift" a car to the pastor [establishing value & reporting];
  • How Ministry can exempt from SECA [Social Security], even if the two year "window" has passed. All questions relating to this issue is discussed;
  • A sample "Accountable Reimbursement Policy" that meets IRS requirements;
  • Establishing the ownership of the ministers preaching materials;
  • How to legally [IRS wise] send the pastor's spouse to conference;
  • How to open a new Bank Checking Account;
  • How to legally [IRS wise] obtain and use a church charge card;
  • How to "Ratify" an existing church banking account;
  • How to "Cover" the establishment of a new "Daughter Church"
  • How to establish [and control] special fund accounts; Establishing accountability and protecting the pastor;
  • A three part Form, that will work for three children. Every church should have this, to allow children to go on church activities; includes Medical Authorization and Liability Waivers.
  • A "Monthly Income / Expense Fact Worksheet - enables the financial counselor to gather sufficient information that wise counsel can be given to get out of debt

Sample Policies, Plans, and Forms:

  • Harassment (Sexual) Policy. The US Supreme Court has ruled that the Employer (The church), is fully responsible for any harassment action perpetrated by a supervisor – even if the church Leadership was not aware of his actions. You really need this Policy;
  • Nursery Policies. Learn why you should stop changing diapers – immediately;
  • Youth Dept Policy,
  • HIV/AIDS position statement and Policy;
  • Discipling Policy (vs. counseling), with liability release forms;
  • Benevolent Fund Policy. Learn the IRS guidelines for a successful program;
  • Church outing / liability waiver forms for minors and adults;
  • Health and Medical Plan [A Sample] based on IRS provisions Sections 105 & 106 of the Internal Revenue Code – more specifically Publication 969 “Health Reimbursements Arrangements” [HRA];
  • Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Policy; and Form;
  • Safe Church Policy; Preparing for the expressed desire of one convicted of sexual misconduct or molestation who wants to be a part of your church;
  • Church "Sleep Over" Policy;
  • Short Term Missions Projects Contribution Guidelines;
  • Memorandum of Understanding - Church Secretary;
  • Memorandum of Understanding - Pastoral Services;
  • Memorandum of Understanding - Choir Director Services;
  • Memorandum of Understanding - Pianist or Organist Services.
The use of these samples will help you evaluate your church policies, practices, and minutes of the meetings of the corporate board of directors.
  • A review of this SAMPLES manual will serve as an important checklist for your Church;
  • A must for every Pastor, Administrator, and Board Member;
  • A great training tool for the Church of every size - large, small or just beginning.

Church leaders recognize that we are in increasingly dangerous times. Lawsuits are on the increase. Leaders that will wisely invest time in developing policies, will avoid a lot of grief and perhaps even a lawsuit. We must screen out the pedophiles who would volunteer to work with the children in the childrens department. There is absolutely nothing like our "SAMPLES" Manual on the market today. This Manual was updated, and a great deal of additional material was added in 2009 Are you about to start a church [form your non-profit corporation]? If this is you, please consider our More Great Samples Manual. This step-by-step "Do it yourself" Manual will enable you to form your own non-profit corporation with Biblical Church By-Laws. The cost of forming your own corporation, can be quite reasonable. See Cost to Get Started and it is not a difficult process. Give us a call at 619/443-5221 for more information on this. We are here to serve you, and there is never a cost to you for our services.   YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED – OR MONEY REFUNDED   ONE PROFESSIONAL'S COMMENTS ABOUT OUR “SAMPLES” MANUAL “Church Administrators: here at your fingertips is a wealth of information gathered by Don and Barbara Buckel in the trenches of many church offices. The answers and the forms are here. Don is the most knowledgeable individual I know, when it comes to non-profit requirements for bylaws and their application to local churches. When he comes upon a problem, whether it is with business minutes, or policies, he does the research, then document the question, the solution, and provides samples of needed forms. The items that you find inside this manual have been "run past" several other individuals to check for accuracy and proper wording. This book will save you and the kingdom much valuable time. I heartily recommend this manual to you.” Rev. Ward Correll Enrolled Agent Maywood Park, OR e-address