Para Church Handbook

Para-Church Handbook

First – What is a Para-Church?

Any ministry that is not primarily a church. An explanation of the Corporate structure [an entity]. What is it? Why incorporate? Why Minutes are crucial.There is a great deal you need to know when running such a ministry. This powerful manual contains sample minutes, policies, financial record keeping tips, ministry housing allowance, and compensation information. Also included is information on Screening the Workers.

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Samples of:
  • Learn how to write succinct, complete, legal and excellent Corporate Minutes.
  • Identify the essential legal, and financial issues needed to be in the Minutes.
  • Samples of a three page organizational meeting, an annual meeting, and a "called" meeting;
  • Resolutions – Definition - A recorded action of the Board authorizing an activity [in advance];
  • Ratification – Definition - A means of legalizing any unauthorized past actions with a Board Resolution
  • A Sample Resolution for opening a Bank account, and for changing names of Signatories;
  • Sample Resolutions for purchase of property; Refinancing.
  • A Sample Resolution for an "Accountable Reimbursement Plan requiring substantiation."
  • Information and explanation of "Intermediate Sanctions. "

Sample Policies, Plans Forms And Other Information:
  • Harassment Policy. The Supreme Court has ruled the Employer is responsible for all actions perpetrated by a supervisor - even if management was not aware of it.
  • A Sample Employee Staff Handbook;
  • HIV/AIDS position statement and Policy;
  • Benevolent Fund Policy
  • Authorization and Waiver Forms for minors - Release for Medical and liability.
  • What can the Ministry receipt for? How to handle "Non cash" gifts. Form 828
  • What the Ministry can say and/or do during an election? And what we cannot say and/or do
  • Liability Insurance. How to handle the Volunteers & Contractors. Liability Releases
  • IRS Forms – What, When, Who, and How to report, and on which Form? Samples
  • How to handle finances given a guest Minister from outside the U.S. With no reporting required.

Issues Important To The Minister:
  • Setting up the Ministers Compensation Package with Housing Allowance [FORMS]
  • Filing Form 4631 Exempting from SECA [Social Security] Who, When, and How?
  • Automobile expenses. What is the simplest and best way for Ministers? Sample Policies
  • Hospitality Allowance; and Credit Cards. Explanations and Sample Resolutions
  • When the Spouse goes to the conference – how to do it, so it is not taxable. Because in many instances it IS taxable.

The use of these samples will help you evaluate your ministry practices, and policies, and the minutes of the meetings of your corporate board of directors. A "must have" for every non profit "para-church" leader! SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED – OR YOUR MONEY REFUNDED