The Heritage Continues

It is with sadness that I write to inform you that Don Buckel, Director of Administrative Assistance, a mighty man of God and dear father in the faith to so many, has gone home to be with our Lord Jesus Christ. His heart was always toward the body of Christ and equipping the church to ... [ Read More ]

What is 501(c)(3)?

Church leaders are often confused by their well-meaning friends (or their Attorney’s), when they are told they must “Get” a 501(c)(3).  What they mean to say is, “Do you have a favorable “Ruling Letter” from the IRS.”  If a church chooses to file the IRS Form 1023, they will be reviewed and likely receive a ... [ Read More ]

Taking steps to care for our Family

TAKING STEPS TO CARE FOR OUR FAMILY We sometimes criticize those ‘as too worldly,’ putting too much focus on estate planning and retirement, but if the truth be known, church leaders don’t do enough planning and thinking ahead. I had occasion recently to counsel with a minister friend, who recently lost her spouse... [ Read More ]

Update on Administrative Assistance

Administrative Assistance has received it’s IRS 501(c)(3) “Determination Letter,” effective October 29, 2010. As a California non-profit Corporation, “AA” is now officially “Tax Exempt!”  So what does this mean?  We have simply fulfilled the IRS filing requirement of a para-church ministry.  You see, the church is automatically “501(c)(3),”  [For our On-line Article on this SEE... [ Read More ]

Church Administration "How To" Manual

This manual will give you a complete and comprehensive overview of Church Administration. We make complex subjects easily understood, with simple language, and Samples. This is the best church administration “How To” Manual available.   A Disk is included with the purchase of this Manual, with Housing Allowance Forms and Policies. Item #: M911 Your Price: [ Read More ]