How to Structure for "Covered" Ministry

How to Structure For "Covered" Ministry

This manual contains sample Resolutions that enable you to clarify the relationship between the church offering a “Covering,” for a ministry of the church, or a minister who travels out from the church, whether he is ordained or not. It also fully explains “Per Diem,” as an awesome means for the minister to receive monies totally tax free, on a reimbursement basis.

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This Manual is written for traveling Ministry and the Church "Ministries."

  • For The Leadership: How a developing Ministry can accomplish his or her calling, and do so under and through the Local Church - with accountability to the local church. Thereby simplifying the legal and "reporting" aspects.
  • For the developing ministry within the church: How the church can safely 'cover' a ministry being sent out from the local church. "Covering' has a three fold dimension: Spiritual, Legal and IRS wise. Because of fear of the unknown, many churches simply do not want to take on the "risk" of maintaining a working (covering) relationship with developing ministry in their church.
  • Let us now show you "How To" do all of the above, and save the traveling Minister a great deal on his personal income taxes as well, with the use of "Per Diem," as defined by the IRS. When we understand and play by the IRS rules and regulations, we can be real winners.
  • In this Manual we carefully explain just what the 501(c)(3) is, and what it is not. We identify the various Legal, Financial (IRS), and other issues which must be addressed and resolved, in order for the Church and Ministries to develop a proper relationship and successfully meet IRS requirements.
  • Included in this Manual are two different Sample Resolutions for the corporate Board of Directors, which completely identifies and structures the "Covering" relationship.
  • Included also is a sample "Compensation Package Worksheet," showing how the minister relates to the church - receiving funds only as available from his ministry activities.
  • We have written this Manual from our personal 18 years of experience, and of having had an IRS audit, with the subsequent re-structuring under the counsel of a CPA-JD.
  • After carefully reviewing this Manual, our relational/supportive attorneys, 3 CPA's and enrolled agent have ALL given their endorsements. It is also endorsed by a major denominational "D.S." You can be completely at ease in implementing this material.