Form your Non-Profit Corporation - A Para Church

Form Your Non-Profit Corporation - Para-Church

Sample Articles of Incorporation and Biblical By-Laws. The simple “How To” steps in this Manual, will enable you to quickly and easily form your own “para-church,” non-profit corporation, and obtain your 501(c)(3) exempt status – and do it inexpensively.

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There are so many benefits of structuring a ministry under the local church, but the reality is that often times the optimum is not possible, and it is necessary to set up a separate non profit corporation.

  • An excellent section explaining what the corporation is, and how to maintain its ' viability' by writing good Minutes of the Board of Directors meetings. There is also an overview of the process of filing the various documents with the State and IRS. We also recommended a good man who is extremely reasonable, who can help you in filing the various applications for tax exemption with the IRS.
  • The step by step process of starting the non-profit corporation. Includes sample letters to the Secretary of State for name reservation, for filing the Articles of Incorporation, and writing the By-Laws. And if in Calif, we will connect you to a very fine man to help you in filing the FTB form 3500.
  • Sample articles of incorporation, containing the four required IRS clauses.
  • An excellent set of Biblical by-laws, containing much of the word of God. By-Laws should be written with the idea that if you are ever sued, you will be able to use the Word of God in the courtroom for your defense.
  • Minutes of the first (organizational) meeting of the Incorporator and Directors. NOTE: The corporation is not "birthed" until this very important meeting is held.