Doing the Business

Doing The Business

We highly recommend the following three Manuals. They are everything you will need to form, and ‘do the business,’ of your non-profit corporation on a Biblical basis. The total cost of all three? About what you would spend with your attorney.

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Form Your Non-profit Corporation – A Church

Written to enable you to easily form your own 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation for a church. The sample By-Laws are Biblical, allowing the pastor to lead with the freedom and authority God intends – yet requiring accountability to Peer (pre-agreed upon) Ordained Ministry.

Sample Minutes and Church Policies

OK – you have a corporation – but do you know “How To” do the church business? This Manual contains more than 100 sample Minutes and Church Policies, enabling you to easily develop your own policies, and legally “catch-up” your incomplete Corporate Minute Book.

Church Administration “How To” Manual

Written to give a complete and comprehensive overview of Church Administration, and is helpful to every church regardless of size. Endorsed by 3 CPA’s, an EA, two attorney’s, and fifteen well-known Christian pastors and leaders, It was updated for the 11th time in January of 2011, and is completely up to date!


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Why Does The Church Incorporate?

Precious little is taught in Bible School, preparing pastors to be the CEO of a Corporation, the legal entity.  In the vacuum of understanding, attention to essential detail is often missing, leaving the church vulnerable to a lawsuit.

Some Say Don’t Incorporate! WHY?

Written as a rebuttal against those advocating the “Free Church” movement, expressing fear of incorporating, and being “501(c)(3).” Essentially, the proponents of the ‘Free Church’ movement argue that by incorporating, we are allowing “Caesar’’ into our church; Or to take steps to be 501(c)(3) compliant, will “give ‘Caesar’ control over the church.”

Are By-Laws Required?

There is no state or federal law requiring you to have By-Laws.  But without By-Laws, your church [or fellowship] would not be tax exempt in the eyes of either the state or the IRS. And in the event of an audit, any and all income would likely be ascribed to the leader [pastor], or the leadership.

What is 501(c)(3)?

Church leaders are often confused by their well-meaning friends (or their Attorney’s), when they are told they must “Get” a 501(c)(3). What they really mean to say is, “Do you have a favorable “Ruling Letter” from the IRS.”

A Sin of Omission

Not long ago we completed a 35 state ministry trip to the east coast, where we had the privilege of ministering to pastors and leaders in 51 churches. We have long ago discovered that most church leaders have only a vague understanding [if at all], of why the church chose to incorporate.

A Tax Number

Quite often we hear church leaders say “We have our Tax Number.” This indicates that they believe the church would have a “number” they could give out, which they believe validates them as a tax exempt organization.

The Importance Of Well Written Minutes

It has been said “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The initial concept of American Government was individual States banding together under a Federal Government, which had very little power or authority. This has evolved, over the years, into a very powerful government, exercising authority not given by the Constitution.

Personal Coaching

Do we need coaches in our life? Those who have known me for any length of time, will have heard me share a little saying; Now, some say this little story comes from a Scandinavian country, but when I tell it with a heavy German accent, it sounds pretty authentic. It goes like this: “So soon old, und so late schmart.”