Church Policies

Church Policies

Church leaders respond well to “Crises issues,”  when well written Church Policies have been written and adopted, thereby eliminating “Reactions.” Every church has policies, but they are not “Church Policies” until they are adopted by a Board of Directors resolution. We have compiled many sample Church Policies for your implementation.

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You have a corporation – but do you know “How To” do the church business? Contains more than 100 sample Minutes and Church Policies, enabling you to easily develop your church policies, and legally “catch-up” your incomplete Corporate Minute Book.

Several additional sample Minutes [40 pages] showing; How to have a meeting today, and ratify the organizational activities of yesteryear; How to change the ‘nature,’ or ‘purpose’ of the corporation from a Church to a para-church, and visa versa.

Increasingly we read disturbing accounts of molestation (and accusations of sexual misconduct) in the church. This Manual will help you develop your “Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy,” and enable you to “Screen” the applicants.

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Church policies will help us to protect our sheep from satan’s influence and attacks, and are developed when we have thought through the “What if’s,” about any issue. This is called, “Taking thought beforehand.”  [2 Cor 8:19-21 Amp Version]

How will you respond when a Registered Sex Offender comes to your church?  Will you allow him to attend, under certain ‘conditions’?  Have you a written Policy, with safeguards?

When talking with ministry leaders, we often hear the phrase, “We are covered by …”, or “We are covering Brother Joe Smoe’s ministry.”  What is meant by saying “Covered” by one, may be interpreted differently by someone else.  May we suggest, there are at least three realms where “Covering” may apply:

Regarding Marriage, Employment or Volunteers – If it is the Churches Policy that church membership is a requirement to be involved in ANY church activity, this is the ultimate in having a “Fire wall” of protection from the homosexual activists, and aggressive sexual predators. And it’s legally defensible.

The practice of providing a Cell Phone to the Pastor, and or other employees, is a very big issue with the IRS.  It is also potentially a serious Liability problem.  Adopting a simple Policy would minimize both of these issues.