Church Finance Handling Church Money

Church Finance - Handling Church Money - "How To" DVD

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First Session
Why the envelope system?60 minutes
  • Why the IRS likes envelopes as "Source Documents." Minimal steps to maximum records.
  • How to structure for accountabiliy - protecting those who count church monies.
  • Recommendations on how to safely "hold over" monies to be counted another day.
  • What can be receipted, and what cannot. The details of excellent recordkeeping.
  • How to save time making the bank deposit. A system that will work for small and large churches.

Second Session
Principles that produce an abundance of church finances30 minutes
The author's testimony of seeing the Lord's continual and abundant provision, to accomplish all that He led us to do for more than 25 years. We only need to be faithful to follow Biblical principles in administering His finances.