Church Administration - "How To" DVD

The Church Administration "How To" DVD

This video will be so valuable in helping you and your present and future leaders, and Board Members, to govern the Church legally, with simplicity, and with accurately written documentation. It is a valuable addition to your ‘Church Administration “How To” Manual’ in training people for ministry.
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This is the "How To" information the Bible School, Seminary or corporate Lawyer never taught you. This is the vitally important information you need to know regarding caring for your legal entity - The non-profit corporation.From 1988, we have been privileged to minister in more than 1,500 Churches. In almost every situation, would you believe 80% or more, we find:

  • Church leaders do not understand the purpose and function of the corporation, or even why they incorporated.
  • By-laws are seldom current, and are often thought to be "only guidelines." In many cases, the By-Laws were not to be found - they were lost! Our Church By-Laws are crucial, and we must function by them.

A brief outline of the material taught in this video

First Hour - is about By-Laws
  • Every church has two governments - the legal and the spiritual.
  • How to write [or rewrite] church by-laws, to provide for and blend the two, providing for a "Biblical" form of church government.
  • By-laws are the absolute law for the corporation. They have been referred to as "the articles of war, written in a time of peace."
  • We will not be allowed to bring our bibles into the courtroom - therefore we must include all of Gods word in our by-laws, that we would want to bring into the court room..
  • Many issues regarding the corporation are identified, which will lead you to a better understanding.

Second Hour - is about the corporation
  • Just why does the church incorporate anyway? You may be surprised to learn that it has nothing to do with tax exemption.
  • Now that you have a non-profit corporation, how do you use and properly care for it?
  • How the ministers and the elders can lead in freedom, yet properly document the actions in order to be covered legally.
  • How to write legal minutes for the corporate board meetings.
  • How to legally "reconstruct" incomplete (or even non-existing) minutes.
  • Minutes are the most important of all church records, yet we find they are often minimal, usually poorly written and lacking even basic minimal format. Church Minutes are the "Memory" of the corporation. Good Minutes equal a good memory, and you will have "weapons" for your defense. No Minutes equal no memory, and there will be no defense.