Church Administration "How-To" Manual

 Church Administration “How-To” Manual

This manual will give you a complete and comprehensive overview of Church Administration. We make complex subjects easily understood, with simple language, and Samples.

This is the best church administration “How To” Manual available.


A Disk is included with the purchase of this Manual, with Housing Allowance Forms and Policies.

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Written in clear "Non Legalese." This material is so easy to understand and use.

  • The 'How To's' of Church Administration.
  • Comprised of 250 pages, 3-ring format. This manual has been updated eleven times, as recently as January, 2010.
  • Endorsed by 15 Ministers, three CPA’s, an EA and two Attorney’s - this Manual is reliable. Most leaders want to understand the tax law regarding housing allowance, and ministers compensation. The Forms included in this manual will help you to identify those expenses the church can pay for, maximize the ministers benefits, and minimize his tax obligations..
  • Included with every Manual is our nine-page checklist, so you can do an evaluation on the legal and tax issues for your Church or Ministry. The questions are cross-referenced to the Manual by page number.

What is Included

  • Explains why the church incorporates. How to start and run the Corporation. [Critical information you were never taught in Bible School or Seminary]
  • The importance of, and how to write, Church Policies with several samples.
  • How to write proper Church Minutes. A checklist of issues to include.
  • How to write [legally reconstruct] missing or lost Minutes
  • Doing business at "Arm’s Length." An explanation of "Intermediate Sanctions," as this is now what the IRS is closely watching.
  • Tips on the Zoning process, negotiating a lease, getting the church property off the county property tax rolls.
  • The 501(c)(3) is explained. Should we file for an exemption letter with the IRS? Or are we OK without it? What are the positives? What are the negatives if we do file?
  • Counting, handling and spending Church money with accountability.
  • Developing a "True budget." Learning how to manage the Church money.
  • A sample "Accountable Reimbursement Policy." An IRS requirement since 1990 - this is a "MUST."
  • Complete "How To’s" and recommendations for Church Accounting Systems.
  • Why an annual church audit, with reports given the congregation, is so valuable, and how an "In house" audit can be easily accomplished.
  • Explaining the various IRS Forms, the filing requirements, and the filing deadlines.
  • An 18 pt. checklist, to prepare you to be ready for an IRS audit.
  • What contributions we can (and cannot) issue receipts for.
  • How to develop the Ministers Compensation Package. Details on all the IRS allowable benefits, and shows you 'how' to pay the least in taxes. Manual includes various work forms: a ministers compensation worksheet; and a Housing Allowance worksheet.
  • The Worksheet allows for when the church furnishes a "Parsonage or 'Manse" and allows for the many additional items the minister can receive tax free;
  • Explanation of three different ways, how the church can provide an auto, with accountability requirements.
  • The IRS allowable reimbursements for ministry [business] mileage.
  • Planning on building? Learn invaluable tips on how to avoid debt, and build for cash.
  • Zoning and Conditional use permits. The process to obtain permits is explained.
  • Security and safety issues in the Church. Aspects of Insurance is explained.
  • A "Facilities use agreement," for weddings, and a "Count down checklist. *
  • Includes a Sample Application For Employment;
  • Includes a 20 Point Analysis: "Employee vs. Self Employed;"
  • A sample "Employees hand book," and several Ministry Job Descriptions.* Newly added is a Church Policy on permitted use of electronic devises in the auto, with provisions for accountability for all computers on church premises; And a Cell Phone Policy.
  • Includes an Employee Evaluation Check List;
  • Includes five Sample "Ministry Descriptions;"
  • A Sample Organizational Flow Chart;
  • A chapter on the duties and responsibilities of the Greeters and Ushers. Includes sample "Job descriptions" for each of these very important ministries..

* These two items alone, are worth far more than the price of this manual. For a companion Manual, SAMPLES is a "Must," as it contains more than 100 sample Policies, Minutes, Resolutions and Ratifications. Updated and expanded in January of 2011.  YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED – OR MONEY REFUNDED Our Church Administration "How To" Manual comes highly recommended. It is designed to give a broad but comprehensive overview of Church Administration. The subjects covered are varied, and quite useful, covering everything from "developing your vision," to a "greeters and ushers" policy. "The Church Administration "How To" Manual is the most comprehensive resource on church administration on the market today. Every church office should have a copy. I recommend it highly!" Dr. Marvin Osborne Church Growth Institute Resources Forest, Virginia